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The Foundation awards an annual scholarship called the FEW Foundation’s Past President’s Scholarship. The Foundation provides a scholarship for one (1) FEW member to attend the NTP or VLS event.


The Past President’s scholarship provides reimbursement for a portion of the awardee’s travel, attendance, and registration fee costs. Attendance at the NTP/VLS provides education, training, and outstanding networking for a FEW member, which can support the member as they advance in their career, or even make a total career change.


The FEW Foundation’s Past President’s Scholarship is a combined effort between FEW and the Foundation, and one which is not taken lightly.


Complete details of the Past President’s Scholarship program are on FEW’s website at If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation’s Scholarship Chair at

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The Foundation offers annual scholarships for a FEW Region’s annual Regional Training Programs (RTP). A RTP Scholarship is available for each of the 10 regions at a value of $150.00 per Region – not to exceed more than one scholarship per calendar year.


Once a region has completed the planning stages for their RTP and the event is drawing near, the Regional Manager should complete the requirements in the linked RTP Scholarship Application packet. Once the RTP Scholarship Application is complete, it is submitted to the Foundation Treasurer and a $150 check will be mailed to the Regional Manager or Regional Treasurer.


The RTP Scholarship is flexible, as it can be awarded to one attendee, or it may be divided among various attendees to support their Registration Fee. If the recipient’s name (or names, if divided among numerous attendees) is available before the RTP, the Regional Manager should include that information with their application. A complete set of Guidelines is developed and included with each RTP Application.


The Foundation expects that when the RTP Scholarship is provided to the Awardee, that the Foundation is recognized for the scholarship’s funding. If you have any questions, please send an email to the Foundation’s Scholarship mailbox at 


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