The FEW Foundation for Education and Training (Foundation) (FFET) was established in 2005 as the 501(c)(3) charitable arm of the Federally Employed Women (FEW) organization.  The Foundation's purpose was to raise funds for scholarships presented at FEW's National Training Program or Virtual Leadership Sessions for federally employed women.  


The Foundation's Board of Trustees consists of nine (9) FEW members.  A Council of Advisors connects with the private sector experience and establish educational contacts for future academia and educational events. 


The Foundation partners with Grantham University to offer scholarship opportunities to FEW members, their spouse/partner, and their dependent children.  Numerous scholarships and certificates have afforded FEW members a career-changing opportunity to complete their college education and move forward in their careers, or even change their career.   


Another educational partnership is with Ed2Go -- An educational online resource offering classes at extremely affordable rates, on a flexible schedule, and often with a certified instructor.   


The Foundation's fundraising activities currently include Terri Lynn snacks.   


Financial donations are used for the various scholarship programs, in addition to supporting the general budget.  The Treasurer will provide you a tax-deductible receipt for your donation. 


You may donate to the Foundation via the PayPal link below, or you can make

a  monetary contribution.  Please contact Cindy Higgins, FEW Foundation President,

at FEWFoundation@FEW.org for complete details. 




Thank you for donating to the FEW Foundation's Scholarship Programs!