FEW Foundation Board of Trustees

   Elected Officers  

      Cindy D. Higgins - President 

      Sue Webster - Vice President 

      Jennifer "Suzi" Inman - Treasurer 

      Maggi Gaukler - Secretary 

      Patricia M. Wolfe - Immediate Past President



      Jeannette "Jan" Castor - Nominations & Elections Chair 

      Cecelia Davis - Bylaws Chair 

      Ann Garber - Scholarship Chair 

      Helen Robinson - Website Chair  

FEW Foundation Council of Advisors

   Clara Anderson 

   Jean Christensen  

   Carolyn Kroon  

   Beatrice Squire 

   Linda Patrick

   Wanda Hewlin

   Debra Hobbs 

   Desiree Robinson 

   Vernell Thomas 

   Chuck Williams 


Note that bios are not available at this time.