FEW Foundation for Education and Training 2020 Grantham         

University Scholarship Application Period – March 1 to April 20, 2020.


Federally Employed Women’s (FEW’s) Foundation for Education and Training, again partnering with Grantham University, is proud to announce this exciting career enhancing opportunity for FEW members, their spouses, and dependent children with no age limitations


Grantham University is offering three (3) scholarships for their on-line certificate program of choice. To name a few, certificates are offered in cyber security, business leadership, human resources, and project management. A complete listing is available at If a certificate is not offered in your chosen career field, you may elect to receive a $5,000 scholarship to pursue other on-line courses towards your degree. Both programs include books and resource fees.


Recognizing that everyone can’t be a scholarship recipient, Grantham continues to offer members of Federally Employed Women a discounted rate of $250 per credit hour for FEW members, their spouse, and dependents. 


The 2020 scholarship application process will be a little different this year as applications will be handled internally.  Visit for application form and instructions.  Applications are to be submitted via e-mail to Foundation Scholarship Chair Ann Garber at


Questions may be directed to the FEW Foundation for Education and Training at or


Karen Rainey

National President

Federally Employed Women




Working for the Advancement of Women in Government


Grantham University & FEW Foundation for Education and Training

2020 Scholarship Criteria

Initial Eligibility Requirements:

·         Membership in good standing or be the spouse or dependent child of an active few member. (* For spouse or dependent child: the FEW members name, membership number, length of membership, commitment to & participation in FEW must be included.)

·         Complete an essay on the topic “Why I should be awarded a FEW Foundation Scholarship”.  This essay should be a minimum of 500 words and no longer than 1000 words or 3 pages long. Double-spaced format using Times New Romans 12-point font with one-inch margins on all four sides.  Please include your name, top right of all pages.

Essay should speak to your: 

·         1)  Financial need,

·         2)  Educational interest,

·         3)  How the degree will help meet your training objectives & career goals.

·         4)  Community involvement

·         5)  References.

    *FEW members should also indicate your:

·         1) length of membership,

·         2) FEW commitment and  participation,

·         3) Continued involvement in the organization (FEW)

·         Submit three letters of recommendation, preferably from a Chapter President, Regional Manager, Community Leader and/or Supervisor.

·         All applications must meet Grantham University’s academic and admissions policies.  Please review these policies at:

·         Applicants must meet any special program admissions requirements.

·         Scholarship recipient must begin studies at Grantham University within 6 months of being awarded the scholarship.

·         The Scholarship is only valid in the name of the original recipient.  It cannot be transferred.

Incomplete application packages will not be considered

Continuing Eligibility Requirements:

·         The Scholarship Recipient must maintain good academic standing.

·         The Scholarship Recipient must remain continuously enrolled as defined in the University Catalog.

Submit your Completed package to:    :


Application dates March 1 - ending April 30, 2020.



 First & Middle Name: 

Last Name:


City, State & Zip:



List Honors: 


Agree to Terms:  (Yes / No)


*  FEW Members name if not person applying for scholarship:

Membership #

Chapter Name:

Chapter Region:

Current Member:

Years a member:

List Positions Held:  (Chapter, Region, National level – committee, chair, office, officer, etc...)



*  (If immediate family member is not a member of FEW - members name & member information required in  above section)


Current Employer:

Employee Title:

Employee Type: (Govt. /Contractor/Civilian)

Military: (YES / NO, if yes - Active/Reserve or Veteran)


Academic Name:

Academic Address:

Academic Field:

Academic GPA:

Academic Status:

Undergrad/Graduate Level:


Are you a Scholarship Recipient  ? ?:  (YES / NO )


*  Please place your Name top right of every page of your package.