Grantham University Scholarship

Have you ever considered that the

FEW Foundation for Education and Training

could be part of YOUR education plans through the

2021 Grantham University Scholarship Opportunity?  


FEW Foundation has partnered with Grantham University for 15 years. 

FEW has many members whose careers have benefitted

from a Grantham Scholarship. 


Grantham's Scholarship Program is an exciting and career-enhancing opportunity for FEW members, their spouse/partner, and dependent

children (with no age limitations) who want to expand, complete,

or begin their education. 


The 2021 Grantham University Scholarship 

Application Season is 

OPEN through May 31, 2021 


Grantham University offers three (3) Certificates of Training or

Scholarships to FEW Members and their families. 

If a Certificate of Training is not available in the selectee's career field,

the selectee may elect to receive an online $5,000 Scholarship

to pursue a degree.  Both programs include books and resource fees.  

A complete course listing is available at  


Did you know that Grantham University offers a discounted rate of $250

per credit hour?  This is a fantastic benefit for FEW Members,

their spouse/partner, and even their dependent children.

This rate is only available to you because you chose to join FEW. 


Check out this educational opportunity at 


Email your questions to Ann Garber, Scholarship Chair