FEW Foundation for Education and Training 2021 Grantham         

University Scholarship 


Federally Employed Women’s (FEW’s) Foundation for Education and Training, again partnering with Grantham University, is proud to announce this exciting career enhancing opportunity for FEW members, their spouses, and dependent children with no age limitations


Grantham University is offering three (3) scholarships for their on-line certificate program of choice. Certificates are offered in cyber security, business leadership, human resources, and project management.  A complete listing is available at www.grantham.edu.


If a certificate of training is not offered in your chosen career field, you may elect to receive a $5,000 scholarship to pursue other on-line courses towards your degree. Both programs include books and resource fees.


Applications are to be submitted via e-mail to Foundation Scholarship Chair Ann Garber at FEWFETscholarship@gmail.com.


Questions may be directed to the FEW Foundation for Education and Training at FEWFETscholarship@gmail.com.




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