Enhance your professional and personal growth through online courses. 

There are numerous topics available and many are instructor-led.

Some courses start for as low as $100.00 


Ed2Go's courses include medical terminology, project management,

accounting, communication, computer repair, IT management....

plus a whole lot more!   


New course sessions run every month. 

Study at your own pace or take a more structured class. 

Sessions last 6 weeks, with 2 lessons introduced weekly ~ For a total of 12 lessons 


All courses include comprehensive study, quizzes, and assignments. 

A dedicated professional instructor facilities most courses to

pace the lessons, answer questions, and provide feedback.


Check out the YouTube video below to see the Ed2go Online Instruction Center


View Ed2Go's current courses at www.Ed2go.com/fewed 

Your future is just a mouse-click away ~ Register today!  


More information is available at www.ed2go.com/fewed



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