9/27/2012 What Can We Expect from the November Elections
On Thursday, September 27th, Janet Kopenhaver, FEW’s Washington Representative share with us her thoughts and predictions for the outcome of the November elections. To access recording, click here

June 21, 2012 FACEBOOK Webinar

Presented by Eric Sorrentino of Grantham University. According to recent reports, 175 million people log into their Facebook account everday. More and more organizations are realizing the power of Facebook to drive their brand and increase public awareness and engagement. This Webinar offers simple tips on how to to create a Facebook organization page, along with specific ways it could benefit your organization. To access the Webinar, click here

June 14, 2012 - FEW National Training Program Overview

FEW's 2012 National Training Program (NTP) will be held in Detroit, MI from July 16-20th. This webinar provides an overview of the training program and the special activities we can expect in Detroit. To access the Webinar recording.

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March 26 - FEW's Scholarships, presented by Sheryl Coleman, Scholarships Chairdownload here.  Please note:  the audio portion of the webinar did not record properly; the attachment is the PowerPoint presentation only.


March 15 - FEW's Awards and Scholarships, presented by Shelly McCoy, Awards Chair, and Sheryl Coleman, Scholarships Chairdownload here.  Please note:  the audio portion of the webinar did not record properly; the attachment is the PowerPoint presentation only.  The Scholarships portion of the webinar has been rescheduled.


January 31 - FEW's Mentoring Program, presented by Cindy Wilson, Subcommittee Chair/Regional Manager (Mid-Atlantic Region):  download here 


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FEW Foundation for Education and Training Announces the 2019 Grantham University Scholarship Opportunities


Federally Employed Women’s (FEW) Foundation for Education and Training, is once again partnering with Grantham University.  We are proud to announce a new and exciting career enhancing opportunity for FEW members, their spouses, and dependent children.


Grantham University is offering three (3) scholarships for their on-line certificate program of choice.  To name a few, certificates are offered in cyber security, business leadership, human resources, and project management.  A complete listing of certificate programs is available at www.grantham.edu.  If a certificate is not offered in your chosen career field, you may elect to receive a $5,000 scholarship to pursue other on-line courses towards your degree.  Both programs include books and resource fees.


Recognizing that everyone can’t be a scholarship recipient, Grantham continues to offer members of Federally Employed Women a discounted rate of $250 per credit hour for FEW members, their spouse, and dependents. 


Tabitha Davis, Director of University Outreach, Grantham University, said, “Grantham University is both proud and excited to offer this new scholarship opportunity to the regional FEW’s affiliated students.  Grantham is pleased to partner with the Federally Employed Women’s Foundation and we support the work that FEW does for its membership community.”  Foundation President Patricia Wolfe added, “Foundation Scholarship Chair Ann Garber and I are very excited about this new scholarship opportunity for certificates in your chosen career field.”


The 2019 scholarship application period is opens April 1 and closes May 31, 2019.


For more information, please visit https://www.grantham.edu/scholarships/federally-employed-women-few-scholarship/ or call Grantham University at 888-477-6830.  You may also access www.fewfoundation.org for a full announcement of the scholarship and application instructions.


Questions may also be directed to the FEW Foundation for Education and Training at FEWFETscholarship@gmail.com or wolfepatriciam@aol.com.



Patricia M. Wolfe



FEW Foundation for Education and Training